Your Senior Photos are not something that you are going to forget! They will pass on from generation to generation and live on forever! Of course you want them to be incredible!

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Are you excited for your senior photos? Well you should be! I know it can be a lot to think about, especially along with college applications, graduation, and a thousand other things. There is no need to worry! You are in good hands! I will help you make this as easy as it can possibly be, and might even leave you wishing you could do it again! I promise it will be fun! its not going to be scary or a lot of work! I will do my best to guide you through each and every step! You deserve the spotlight! And together we will make it SHINE! 

Booking your photos is as easy as 1,2,3

Your generation is the most photographed generation in History! But we have nothing to show for it! All of our photos are on our phones! That isn't what you are going to show your great grandkids! You need to get them printed! 

The first thing you will do when preparing for your senior portraits is set up a meeting! We will work together to decide your location and outfits! I will provide as much advice as you need! You will not leave without a solid plan of what to do! Also during this meeting, we will discuss what products you might want to order!

We have lots of options for everyone! From albums to wall art, you will be able to pass on your photos for years to come! And Trust me, you might not want them now, but you will appreciate them later! You don't need to buy them today, but it does come with some perks!

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After you decide what you would like to order, we will schedule your shoot date and ordering session! 

Now we shoot! 

Once your photos are ready you will come in and see them! (This is the most exciting part!) Once we gush over how amazing you look, you will have the opportunity to purchase the digitals and/or any other products that you have your eye on! 

And thats it! Now you have the best senior photos out of all your friends and you can go brag to them! 

See... I told you it was easy! 

Book Now!!!!